Hosting?!? Domains?!? Registrars?!? I just need a simple website!

We get that the online world can be confusing place. We want to make it easy for you.

If your website gets 5,000 hits or less a month bandwidth should be a huge issue. Bandwidth is the difference between a 2 way rural road and a 4 way interstate. If you have more cars or traffic you need a bigger road.
A cPanel give you secure access to your hosting account, so that you can make changes to your website files and email accounts.
Domain Name
Domain name is what visitors type into their browser to get to your website. There are many different extensions to choose from some of the most popular are .com, .net, .org but others are gaining popularity as well. You may want to consider purchasing multiple variations on your name and or multiple extensions if you don’t want anyone to copy your site.
Domain Registrar
This is the place you purchase and register your domain. Think about it like going to city hall to register your car. You do the same with your domain, just virtually.
Not only does this refer to simple text changes but it also refers to WordPress updates. There are various pieces of software within WordPress that we use to create your website. These will also need to be regularly updated so that you site runs smoothly.
MySQL database
A database that hold your website files and tells them how to load onto your site. If you have multiple websites you will need multiple databases.
Parked Domains
A parked domain does not hold an active website. It could point to your existing website or a “maintenance” page. Having a parked domain means you reserved (and paid for) the domain but you are not actively using it.

PHP is a computer scripting language designed used web development. As an average consumer you won’t need to use this as it’s a server-side language.

Storage Space

Storage space is the amount of room you have to store your website files. The more pictures / pages / blogs you have, the more space you will need.

Sub Domains

Sub domains are not new domains, they are extensions of your current domain. For example would be a sub domain of Most businesses use the sub domain for shopping cart installations or for stage private websites.

Web Host

Web Host is a company that hosts your site on their servers. When a potential visitor types in your domain name the servers load your website to the public.


Webmail access allows you to access your email from the Internet server mailbox, and is not downloaded to an e-mail program or used offline. You can also sync your email to your email program and mobile device via POP access.